Josh Farro Says He's 'Not On The Best Terms' With Paramore

Guitarist doesn't expect his former band to listen to his new project, Novel American.

Now that he's moved on from [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] with his new band Novel American, Josh Farro is ready to answer the inevitable question: What will his former bandmates think about the new project?

Turns out, he's not really sure if they'll even be listening.

"I don't know. I mean ... honestly, we're not on the best terms right now," he told MTV News. "I hope that will change. Maybe they'll like it? I don't expect them to listen to it or anything."

So rather than concern himself with the past, Farro is content to push ahead with his future plans, all of which involve Novel American, the band he formed a month ago with Nashville musicians Van Beasley, Tyler Ward and Ryan Clark. It's still early, but Farro is already mapping out an EP and a potential run of shows in and around town ("and maybe some nearby states too," he said).

But he's not the only one moving on. Paramore have made no bones about their intent to not only record new material, but release it this year. And just because his former mates won't be listening to his new music doesn't mean Farro won't be checking out what Paramore cook up. As he put it, it would be pretty strange if he didn't.

"I'll listen to their new stuff when it comes out. I'll be curious. I mean, I invested the last seven years of my life into that band, so I think it would be weird if I just cut it off completely," he said. "I'm interested in seeing what they come up with, and I'm sure it will be good. I mean, I hear Taylor [York] and Hayley [Williams] are writing, and Taylor's a great writer, and so is Hayley. I'm sure they'll come up with great stuff."

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