Robyn Dodges Questions About Tourmate Katy Perry's Music

Swedish pop star told MTV News what she thinks of tourmate Perry last November, prior to last week's evasive 'I have to go now' response.

Just last month, [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] announced dates for her California Dreams Tour, a massive 41-date trek across the continent that would not only feature Smell-O-Vision, but a pair of genuinely great, criminally overlooked opening acts: Marina and the Diamonds and [artist id="500933"]Robyn[/artist].

It seemed like the perfect opportunity for both artists to grab some much-needed exposure here in the States, and all appeared to be right with the world. Until last week, when Robyn did an interview with Time Out New York and was asked if she was a fan of Perry's music. And this was her reply:

"You know what? I have to go now."

It was, to say the least, a slightly odd response, and though we have to give her credit for being honest, we suspect that honesty probably didn't sit very well with Katy's camp. But the thing is, this wasn't the first time Robyn has evaded the question.

Back in November, when MTV News interviewed Robyn about her "Indestructible" video, we asked her about some of her favorite songs and artists of the year — since, of course, her "Dancing on My Own" landed at #6 on our "Top Songs of 2010" countdown — and somewhat inevitably, Katy Perry's name entered the conversation.

Since Perry had gone to some lengths to tour with Robyn, we asked her if she was a fan of Katy's songs, and, after some giggling, she looked to the floor and answered, rather diplomatically: "Yeah ..."

And though she would go on to add that all the attention she was receiving in the U.S. was "fantastic" and praise "a lot of other artists that have spread my music and tweeted about it," we found her (non) answer about Perry to be somewhat interesting, and we filed the tape away until something more came of the story.

And, well, now we've reached that moment. Perry's tour is scheduled to kick off in Atlanta on June 7 ... and Robyn is, presumably, still on tap to open.