'Superman' Targeting Three Actresses For Lead Role

Role is not for Lois Lane; contenders include Diane Kruger of 'National Treasure' films.

While Christopher Nolan has tapped Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway for a prime female lead in "The Dark Knight Rises," Zack Snyder is reportedly targeting less bold-faced names for the female lead in his upcoming reboot of "Superman."

According to Variety, Snyder and Warner Bros. have narrowed the list of contenders to three: Alice Eve ("Sex and the City 2"), Diane Kruger (the "National Treasure" films) and Rosamund Pike ("An Education"). What's more, the new superhero flick will apparently not focus on Lois Lane, leading to speculation about the identity of the central female character. The fact that Lane won't be the lead female lends credence to the rumors that the movie will take place largely outside of Metropolis, as Clark Kent travels the globe and tries to decide if he should indeed become the Man of Steel.

Previously, rumors of well-known actresses circling the production abounded: everyone from Kristen Stewart to Jessica Biel to Rachel McAdams. Even Natalie Portman's name cropped up at one point. But following the recent casting of little-known actor Henry Cavill as Superman, it seems the studio is similarly eyeing actresses who aren't household names.

Kruger is the best-known of the bunch, having starred alongside Nicolas Cage in two "National Treasure" films and in 2009's "Inglourious Basterds." Eve starred most recently in "Sex and the City 2" and the middling romantic comedy "She's Out of My League." Pike had a brush with blockbuster leading-lady-dom as a Bond girl in 2002's "Die Another Day," but has since found herself with supporting roles in art-house fare like "An Education" and "Barney's Version."

Production on "Superman" is expected to begin this summer in advance of a December 2012 release date.

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