Eminem's Super Bowl Ad Puppet Unveiled

A shot of the MC's doll doppelgänger for a stop-motion Lipton Brisk commercial hits the Web.

Super Bowl viewers will see a completely different side of Eminem during his Lipton ad on Sunday, but the MC gave fans an early peek at his new look before the football face-off.

Shady's likeness will pop up in puppet form in a stop-motion spot for Lipton Brisk tea, and a shot of the Detroit MC's doll-like alter ego hit the Web on Thursday (February 3). In the photo, an insider clutches the detached face of Shady's puppet — which features Em's signature pout and chiseled chin — and holds the rest of the creation, which has bulging blue eyes affixed to the inside doppelgänger's skull and rocks a gray hoodie and chain.

A source close to the production recently told the New York Post that the ad is "very funny," and Em, who is reportedly pulling down $1 million for the gig, was very involved in the process of creating the spot.

"From the beginning, Eminem was given creative freedom to help develop the idea and the script for the spot. He decided to work with Brisk because he was intrigued by stop motion animation and the opportunity to have creative input. This marks an ongoing partnership, which only starts with the co-creation of the Super Bowl ad spot," according to a statement from marketing firm Cornerstone Promotion, which has been involved in hyping certain Super Bowl projects.

Eminem fans are slated to get a healthy dose of Shady in February. The Motor City MC will hit the stage at the Grammy Awards on February 13, where the Recovery MC leads the pack with 10 nominations, including Album of the Year.

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