Josh Farro Says Forming Novel American 'Just Felt Right'

In his first interview since splitting with Paramore, Farro says Novel American will be a democracy, first and foremost.

One day after he officially announced the formation of his post-Paramore project Novel American, Josh Farro is already bracing himself for the inevitable backlash.

Even though he's gone to great lengths to remain as diplomatic as possible since posting his now-infamous "Exit Statement," Farro knows that, no matter what he does, some Paramore fans just won't be able to forgive him. And he's at peace with that fact.

"It just kind of happened, and it just felt right, this new band. I prayed a lot about it, and I felt peace about it, so I was like, 'I'm going to do it,' " he told MTV News. "It came totally unexpected. It's probably kind of hard for a lot of fans, like, 'Oh, he's already moving on,' that sort of thing. But it's for the best. Paramore's doing their thing, me and Zac are going to do our things, it's going to be great. ... It's for the best."

So he's moving forward with Novel American, his new band with Nashville locals Van Beasley, Tyler Ward and Ryan Clark. And though, for the time being at least, his plans for the group seem limited — he's mostly enjoying the feeling of reconnecting with music, writing and recording because it's fun — he's already made it clear that it will most definitely be a democracy, an outfit where everyone has a say, where disagreements are encouraged, where communication is paramount. Or, in other words, he wants Novel American to be everything his former band wasn't.

"I think that's the most important thing, to get things out on the table. It's early on and it's all fun now, but when it becomes a business, and we get tired from touring, then it becomes a big deal," he said. "So we're just trying to prepare ourselves for that, mentally and emotionally. We've had many talks about it, about how it's so important to communicate. ... We definitely don't want to get to a point where we're talking behind people's backs. It's healthy for a band to argue and have a fight every once in a while, but once you stop communicating ... it becomes an issue."

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