LeBron James' DJ Steph Floss Having All-Star Season

'I want to differentiate myself from anybody else that DJs,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Fire Starter: DJ Steph Floss

He didn't take his talents to South Beach like LeBron James; instead DJ Steph Floss doubled down on Cleveland and, as a result, the Ohio player is having his own breakout moment.

Floss is still a part of Bron Bron's inner circle, however, he didn't pack up his bags and follow the reigning MVP down to Miami during the NBA offseason. The club king stuck around and continued his regular gigs at hot spot the View, on Cleveland's Z 107.9 and as the Cavaliers spin doctor.

"In the preseason, a lot of people were like, 'You're still here,' " he told Mixtape Daily. "I was like, 'We still need a DJ, right?' I didn't take my talents anywhere, per se. I got a lot of questions like that the first couple of weeks."

Although the team is down this year, registering the worst record in the league as of press time, Floss is personally having a banner season.

The Ohio State University grad recently came in second during a McDonald's DJ competition; he was a trending topic in Cleveland on the night of the Complex-sponsored event. It was his first DJ battle, but he tried to bring his enthusiasm to the traditional turntable set. That's been his M.O. for what he brings behind the tables — whether he rolls with James or not.

"I just try to bring my personality," he explained of his style. "Anything that I do, as far as DJing, I want to differentiate myself from anybody else that DJs — not to say that anyone else isn't messing with me or I'm greater than anybody else. But at the end of the day, the music is free. You can get out there and play the music, but you pay for the talent. People hear songs all day and they know those songs, but they might not know who the DJ is, but I want to leave any place, whether it's a club or Quicken Loans Arena, and people go, 'Oh, that was Steph Floss.' "

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