Will Ferrell Will Not Replace Steve Carell On 'The Office'

'Will is coming in as a possible boss, but everyone knows he is not going to stay, because he makes $20 million a film,' Rainn Wilson tells Entertainment Weekly.

Many fans of "The Office" think the soon-to-be-departing Steve Carell and his iconic Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott are irreplaceable on the show, and, as of now, it seems they're right.

While it's been reported that Will Ferrell will appear on the series for a four-episode arc as an inept branch manager, "Office" actor Rainn Wilson confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the comedy superstar will not become Scranton's new boss.

On the red carpet at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, Wilson told EW, "Will is coming in as a possible boss, but everyone knows he is not going to stay, because he makes $20 million a film. He's got other fish to fry."

Wilson, who called Carell's exit a big loss, also divulged that Ferrell contacted the producers at "The Office" with the request to be a part of his "Anchorman" co-star's final episodes. "They were like, 'Hellz yeah!' " Wilson said of the producers' response.

The producers weren't the only ones thrilled at the idea of Ferrell temporarily coming onboard. Wilson also talked to MTV News at the SAG Awards about the late addition.

"I think I gotta take some improv classes or something like that. I gotta hone up," Wilson told us of his upcoming work with Ferrell, adding, "He's a master, so I can't wait. I can't wait."

"Office"-mate Angela Kinsey also shared with MTV News that she couldn't wait for Ferrell's arrival on the show. "I'm totally excited. Him and Steve are friends in real life, and I think we're just about to have a lot of fun."

In fact, don't expect Ferrell to be the last of the guest stars having fun on the set. Wilson shared with EW that in the wake of Carell's departure, "The Office" will "become even more of an ensemble show." Producers may opt to shift the focus to the cast, making the boss a secondary fixture, as Wilson hinted: "I think we will have more interesting arcs with guest stars."

Carell's final episode has not yet been confirmed by NBC, but rumors have swirled that it will be one of the final four episodes of this season.

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