'Superman' Star Henry Cavill Will Be 'Amazing,' Christopher Nolan Says

'I'm super-excited to watch Zack [Snyder]'s movie when it's done,' filmmaker said at Santa Barbara Film Festival.

In a statement Sunday announcing the identity of the latest big-screen Superman, director Zack Snyder dubbed Henry Cavill "the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield." In a case of dueling casting-choice superlatives, Christopher Nolan — who has assumed a sort of godfather role on the upcoming superhero flick — met Snyder's "perfect" and raised him one.

"I think Henry is going to be amazing," Nolan said during a talk at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, according to HitFix.com.

During the talk, Nolan seemed reluctant to broach the topic of "Superman" and made clear that while he did bring Snyder into the mix, he won't be micromanaging the operation.

"What I'm doing on that is that I hired a great director to take it on and it's more his problem than mine hopefully," Nolan said. "I'm going to be very busy, but I'm super-excited to watch Zack's movie when it's done."

What Nolan is going to be busy with, of course, is "The Dark Knight Rises," his third — and, by most accounts, final — Batman film. It was unclear for a while if the director would even return for another movie about the Caped Crusader. Nolan went off and made "Inception" instead of diving back into Gotham City following 2008's "The Dark Knight," and until last fall, he played coy on the question of hopping back into the director's chair for a third "Batman" flick. But eventually he relented.

"I think really it was about finishing the story," Nolan explained. "For me it's about ... knowing where I want to go with the thing and I think with 'Batman' the story we're going to tell is Bruce Wayne's story. So, that's what gets me excited about getting back into something.

"The sequel thing is rather interesting because there is a lot of comfort in the familiarity of it, but there is also a challenge of reinventing it for yourself as well as the audience," he added. "You just can't do the same things again. But once you start thinking about Bruce Wayne's story, you want to see where that goes."

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