Lindsay Lohan Calls Nicki Minaj Track 'So Cool'

'Thanks for the shout,' starlet tweets about Minaj using her name in song.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't always approve of people using her name as a pop culture reference, but it seems that the starlet doesn't mind a certain New York MC making reference to her in song. Lohan took to Twitter over the weekend to show some love to Nicki Minaj for her track "I Am the Best."

"See, you told me I would lose but I won/ I might cop a million Jimmy Choo's just for fun," Minaj raps on the track. " 'Cause bitches couldn't take what was in me/ Australia, Sydney, might run up in Disney/ Out in L.A. with Lindsay/ Got the eye of the tiger, the lion of Judah/ Now it's me in my time, it's just me in my prime."

"Love Nikki Minaj for the shout on her track 'im the best' xox so cool!" Lohan wrote. "I heart @nickiminaj - thanks for the shout! 'I'm the best' by Nicki Minaj. Check it."

Lohan has become quite the music critic via her Twitter account, giving fans some insight into what she's been listening to since leaving rehab earlier this month. "I love Adele's 'Rumor Has It' off her new record ... Such a good vibe to it ... makes me happy xoxo," she wrote. "I love this track. The XX remix is great too!" she added about the singer's "Rolling in Deep." The starlet also gave props to another song, tweeting, "MUST HAVE DOWNLOAD! Jessie J 'Do It Like a Dude.' Love her!"

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