Nicki Minaj Gets 'Creepy' And Shows Booty Power On 'Saturday Night Live'

MC plays geeky voyeur and curvy 'Bride of Blackenstein' on late-night sketch show debut.

If fans were expecting hip-hop sexpot [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] to vamp it up in her first "Saturday Night Live" skit, they definitely got an unexpected eyeful of the rap diva being, well, super creepy.

Minaj popped up in an Andy Samberg-helmed digital short, dressed as a socially awkward, throwback nerd -- big glasses, blonde ponytail and cardigan -- for the ode of voyeurism "Do the Creep."

Legendary filmmaker and kitsch enthusiast John Waters introduced the song via an old-school television screen, and Samberg, sporting a snug suit, spectacles and skinny mustache reminiscent of Waters' signature facial fuzz, led a trio of similarly dressed crooners. The crew celebrated inappropriate peeping moments, belting, "When a fine PYT walks in front of your tree, do the creep," and crooned about watching their parents get it on.

Nicki showed up midway through the jam in her dork garb and spit about watching guys in a locker room take it all off, rhyming that while she was "ogling ... little did they know that they were modeling." Nicki later showed off a penchant for necrophilia by trying to make out with a corpse at a funeral, and then instructed viewers on how to do properly "creep," singing, "Get your knees flexing and your arms t-rexing."

Minaj did show off her voluptuous side when she popped up in a fake blaxpoitation flick, "Bride of Blackenstein," alongside Jay Pharoah as an evil scientist, Kenan Thompson as Frankenstein and host Jesse Eisenberg as the hunchbacked assistant. When the doctor unveiled his creation, she captivated the fellas with her rotund behind, as Eisenberg quipped "That's why you had me fill those basketballs with Jell-O!" But she quickly made it clear that she has an attitude to match her assets, batting away Frankenstein's advances with "You think you can just walk up on me and get some of this?" After she officially staked her claim to the castle and insisted her new man stay at home, the townspeople stormed the dungeon but were quickly diverted by a wiggle of Minaj's mega-booty.

When Minaj recently spoke to MTV News about her "SNL" appearance, the native New Yorker admitted she was amped to appear on the iconic sketch show.

"Being a part of 'Saturday Night Live' feels absolutely incredible. I still don't even believe it's true, I'm not even going to believe it's really happening until — well, I'm going to DVR it, because I can't watch it, because I'll be on it," she said. "But until I see it back on DVR, I'm not even going to believe I was really on the show. This is epic, this is monumental, this is historic stuff."

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