David Guetta And Rihanna Go 'Retro Futuristic' In 'Who's That Chick?' Video

'It has a sense of humor in the video,' Guetta tells MTV News.

David Guetta and Rihanna's "Day" video for "Who's That Chick?" (there will be a "Night" version too) dropped this week, and in it, fans are treated to Guetta flexing some space muscle and RiRi frolicking in a world featuring virtually every color of the spectrum.

A "Who's That Chick?" video that leaked online last year was initially cut by music-video director Jonas Åkerlund with a Doritos commercial project in mind. The song, which was produced by Guetta, never made it onto Rihanna's Loud album, but the French dance-music star made the track his own and, with some shoot additions, not one, but two videos will see the light of day.

The video starts off with Guetta coming out of a cryogenic container aboard a vessel somewhere in deep space, and Rihanna and her friends are seen in monitors throughout the ship. Is she a human or an alien on another planet? It's difficult to tell. But the majority of the video plays out between these two sets: Guetta aboard his ship and Rihanna in her candyland, wherever that may be.

The clip shows Guetta mixing some songs and even getting his gym on with some chin-ups and kickboxing, but clearly his thoughts are with Rihanna.

RiRi's set is pure Åkerlund comic book fantasy, with color palettes and set pieces reminiscent of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video. Rihanna and her friends are dressed in matching hyper-color attire and are wrapped up in their dance party. The video ends with DG throwing the spaceship into "warp speed," presumably to meet this girl he can no longer live without.

The video has a "Star Trek" feel, and Guetta's scenes were actually filmed in a former "Trek" studio.

"I'm DJing from a spaceship," Guetta recently told MTV News. "It's actually really funny, because we shot that in Los Angeles in a place where the used to shoot 'Star Trek,' but like the old ones. And so it's kind of retro futuristic, you know? It's like how people were seeing the future back in the '80s. It has a sense of humor in the video."

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