Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' Video: Top 4 Moments

Drake and Barbie take their flirtation to a new level in clip, with a kiss.

When Drake met Nicki Minaj a few years ago on Lil Wayne's tour bus, hearts filled his eyes — or did they?

The two have been coy about their relationship, alternating between describing their union as a brother/sister bond and romantically inclined. They announced their marriage last year on Twitter only to annul everything days later as a joke.

Now, the pair star opposite each other in Nicki's new video, "Moment 4 Life." Did they finally put their flirtation to bed? Not quite: The Young Money soldiers managed to stoke the flames even more, with their gazes into each other's eyes and a lip-lock that would make Morganna Roberts blush. Here, MTV News recaps the top four moments in "Moment 4 Life."

Black Magic

Clearly Nicki Minaj is in the midst of a moment. Her debut, Pink Friday, continues to sell well, and she recently returned from overseas, where she caused her British Barbies to lose it. To make sure her success lasts longer, however, the Young Money maven enlists the help of a fairy godmother, yet another alter ego of hers, Martha, to make the moment longer than Weezy's dreads.

Leading Man

Drizzy channels his inner Marcus Graham (check the "Boomerang"credits on IMDb) in the clip as he overlooks the party in full-on mack mode from the balcony with a martini in hand. The Toronto lyricist spots his fellow Lil Wayne protégé, Nicki, and they lock eyes. They fix their eyes on each other throughout the video, a move that will surely keep the status of their relationship (friends or lovers?) a hot topic throughout the year.

Marital Bliss?

The clip climaxes with Drake and Nicki entering the festivities hand-in-hand, him sporting a tuxedo and her in a dress. With a cursory glance, the pair look like the perfect soon-to-be husband and wife walking down the aisle. But the camera pulls back, revealing they are actually the prince and princess of the ball.

The Kiss

The Twitter marriage and all the flirting between the two in the past pays off in the end as Nicki and Drake lock lips. The clock counts down, but when it strikes midnight, Nicki's moment continues as Drake draws her near and plants one on her. The money shot is obstructed by Nicki's hair as she cranes her neck to kiss him back, but by the look on Martha's face, who flies by, a massive attack ensued.

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