Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' Video Premieres -- Watch It Now!

In new video, Nicki reveals her true self — in diamond stilettos.

Nicki Minaj has, over the course of several videos, packaged herself as a DayGlo geisha girl, a candy-colored "Star Blazers" extra, a spurned, stemware-smashing significant other, and, of course, a pink-clad paramilitary leader (to name just a few). So it's no surprise that, nearly two years since she burst onto the scene, we still have absolutely no idea who she really is.

Though, with the premiere of her "Moment 4 Life" video, we may finally be close to figuring it out. Ostensibly an updated take on fairy tales, both literal ("Cinderella") and historical (Marie Antoinette), the video is gilded, glamorous and, above all, fantastical, with visits by fairy godmothers, glass (or, in this case, diamond) slippers, diaphanous gowns and, of course, a handsome prince (that would be Drake). But it's also slightly silly: Nicki's opening scene opposite herself as the fairy godmother — who would like it to be known that her name is "Martha" — is incredibly fabulous, a tad bit crazy and thoroughly over-the-top too.

Check out the fashions from Nicki Minaj's "Moment 4 Life" video.

And, really, Minaj is all those things. So it's not exactly a stretch to call "Moment 4 Life" the most Nicki Minaj video of all time. It takes basically every aspect of her personality — the fashionista, the glamazon, the princess, the badass, the cartoon character, the girly girl — and crams them together into one very shiny package. And then it wraps that package with nods to her past (the British accent, the mention of her Roman Zolanski alter-ego, the consummation of her Twit-lationship with Drake) for good measure.

The end result is perhaps the most complete portrait of Minaj to date. In "Moment," she doesn't wear a single samurai getup or toss so much as a goblet at her a--hole boyfriend, mostly because she doesn't need to (and also because Drake doesn't deserve that kind of treatment). There are very few silly wigs and nary a stitch of Spandex to be seen anywhere. It is basically our first glimpse at the real Nicki: a young woman who is more than just the sum of her parts, even if those parts are pretty interesting. In that regard, with her new video, Nicki has not only answered the identity question, but she's done so while wearing diamond stilettos: "I am everything you thought I was," she says. "And then some." It's a moment 4 life, indeed.

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