Beyonce May Work With Diplo, Sleigh Bells On New Album

Producer says he was 'in NYC tryin' to make tracks' for B and Bells' songwriter/guitarist.

Over the years, [article id="1643456"]Diplo has worked[/article] with everyone from Thom Yorke to Spank Rock (and, of course, [article id="1643822"]M.I.A.[/article]) so perhaps it should come as no surprise that, for his next collaboration, he's chosen to work with none other than Beyoncé. Oh, and electro-slammers [article id="1654286"]Sleigh Bells[/article], too. It all makes sense, in some bizarre way.

This is according to Dip himself, who posted a message — and a remix of the Sleigh Bells track "Tell 'Em" — on his blog, in which he let it be known that he, his production partner Switch and Sleigh Bells' songwriter/guitarist Derek Miller just wrapped sessions for Beyoncé's follow-up to I Am ... Sasha Fierce. He wasn't quite sure what would come of the tracks they created.

"Me and Switch was in [the] studio in NYC tryin' to make tracks with Derek and Beyoncé last week after we played her team [Sleigh Bells'] album," Diplo wrote. "Dunno if we gonna manage to finish, but [it] was good times."

At the very least, you know Bey's husband, [article id="1620444"]indie-rock fan Jay-Z,[/article] is pumped by the news. Diplo is just the latest in an ever-growing list of top-flight producers who have [article id="1655794"]worked with Beyoncé[/article] in recent months. There's still no release date or tentative title for her upcoming album, but she's logged studio time with the likes of S1 (he of "Power" fame), [article id="1648430"]Ne-Yo[/article], Sean Garrett and Jim Jonsin.

A spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the Diplo tracks by press time.