Jennifer Lopez Feels 'Emotionally Connected' To 'On The Floor'

'One of the biggest joys that I've had in my life is dancing,' singer tells MTV News about her club jam.

[artist id="508574"]Jennifer Lopez[/artist] is back and she's getting some assistance from Lady Gaga producer RedOne. Lopez says she knew they had something magical when the dance-music impresario played "On the Floor," her new single.

"The minute RedOne played it for me, I made him play it 20 times in a row, and I just sat there at the board and I kept listening to it and listening to it," Lopez told MTV News when we visited the set of her upcoming video. "Because I really feel like, emotionally, I connected to it, but also because of how much I love to dance and how much that's always been such a big part of who I am since I started. Since I was a little girl, I just totally connected with the idea of getting out there."

The song, which also features Miami MC Pitbull, conjures up nostalgic feelings for the singer. "That was one of the biggest joys that I've had in my life, is dancing," she told us. "And so, I just had him play it over and over and over and I just knew it was something for me."

Lopez first rose to fame as a dancer, appearing on "In Living Color" as a "fly girl." And from her early days on the pop scene, she showed off her ability to shake that famous rear end, and this track harks back to those days.

"At the end of the day, when you're choosing your material for stuff that you're going to do, you know they can play you so many songs or you can write so many songs, but it always has to mean something," she explained. "It always has to have something there, and I love the fact that it had also a little bit of kind of that street vibe, but also the very melodic, sensual, vulnerable side as well. I felt like [RedOne] captured both sides of me with this record. I got to be wild and crazy and, at the same time, I got to be sexy and sweet too."

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