Avril Lavigne Rocks Out In 3-D For 'What The Hell'

'It felt like you were live in a crowd,' she tells MTV News of video's special effects.

Avril Lavigne is back, and she's asking "What the Hell" on the lead single off her March 8 release, Goodbye Lullaby. In the video, which premiered on Sunday, she's pursued around town by a guy whose affections she doesn't seem to value quite as much as her own freedom to do what she pleases.

The clip also has another dimension to it: It was shot in 3-D. When MTV News caught up with Lavigne to talk about the song, she was excited about the high-tech project.

"The music video's in 3-D, and my favorite part of the video is the rock-out scene at the end where I jump onstage and I'm with my band," she said. "When we shot it and I got to watch it back in 3-D with the glasses and actually you can see the crowd's hands, and it felt like you were live in a crowd, so it was kind of cool."

The song and the album are Lavigne's return to the music spotlight. In the years since she released The Best Damn Thing in 2007, the 26-year-old had a high-profile divorce from Sum-41's Deryck Whibley, battled her record label and found love again with former "Hills" star Brody Jenner. The album, she explains, reflects all that growing up.

"[It's] about saying goodbye to something sweet and familiar and taking a step forward and opening a new chapter in your life," she explained. "This album overall is kind of bittersweet. It's full of sad and happy emotions. The message overall is about moving forward and coming out of that and finding inner strength. The record's a little more raw. It's a more emotional record, and you can really feel that. I went for those raw, vulnerable moments, but having 'What the Hell' be the first single is more like my older stuff. It's a good way to bridge it."

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