Avril Lavigne Plays Hard To Get In 'What The Hell' Video

Singer's boyfriend chases her from the bedroom to the bar in brand new clip.

[artist id="1228637"]Avril Lavigne[/artist] is officially back, and if her latest video "What The Hell" is anything to go by, she's still brimming with the pop-punk spunk that made her a superstar nearly a decade ago. But she's definitely grown up a bit in the last few years.

The clip, which premiered on Sunday night (January 23) on the ABC Family website, kicks off with Lavigne and a guy friend waking up in his bedroom — with the Canadian rocker vamping it up in some lacy lingerie. After draping one of his shirts over her shoulders and spraying on some her Forbidden Rose perfume, Lavigne carjacks an NYC taxi as her guy takes off after her on a bike.

As she belts the chorus, "All my life, I've been good, but now/ I'm thinking, 'What the hell,' " Lavigne hops out of the cab and lets the still-moving vehicle roll into a parked car. Then she saunters onto a basketball court, briefly feels up some beefy guys, scores a basket and runs off to a vintage store. Her guy follows her through the racks of clothing — Lavigne picks up some clothes from her Abbey Dawn range — then they're at a nightclub where Lavigne rocks out with her band and eventually crowd surfs into the arms of her waiting boy toy. The video wraps up with the couple crashing playfully into bed.

When MTV News recently caught up with Lavigne, the rocker broke down the concept for the video, explaining she essentially spends the nearly four-minute-long clip keeping her man in hot pursuit while she gets into some good-natured scrapes.

"The music video for 'What the Hell': It's kind of a guy chasing me around, and I hop into a random cab, and he's chasing me," Lavigne explained. "And I go through a clothing store and he chases me, but at the end of the video, it's really just me having a bunch of fun with him, and he's my boyfriend, so I like him in the end."

The video, which is the lead single from her upcoming Goodbye Lullaby album, is also significant because Lavigne laced the visual with some eye-popping special effects.

"The music video's in 3-D, and my favorite part of the video is the rock-out scene at the end where I jump onstage and I'm with my band," she said. "When we shot it and I got to watch it back in 3-D with the glasses and actually you can see the crowd's hands and it felt like you were live in a crowd, so it was kind of cool."

After a three-year hiatus, Lavigne also said she was amped to be back on the scene and watch her single climb the charts.

"I'm just really excited to be back," the former teen star said. "It's been a few years, and I'm excited to see that 'What the Hell' [is] doing good so far on iTunes and [with] the fans. The response has been really great, so I'm happy."

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