'No Strings Attached' Dangles Above Friday Box-Office Competition

Rom-com scores $7.3 million.

"No Strings Attached" broke away from the competition at the Friday box office.

The romantic comedy about two pals who decide to test the bounds of their friendship by getting frisky in the bedroom, which stars Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and Ludacris, kicked off the weekend with $7.3 million.

"Strings" swatted "The Green Hornet" down to second place. The modern take on the old-school vigilante hero, starring Seth Rogen, scored $5.1 million. Friday's haul nudges the flick's total estimated tally to just over $50 million.

"The Dilemma" took the third-place slot on Friday. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James' latest laugh-getting enterprise, which revolves around a guy who struggles with whether he should let his best friend know that his seemingly perfect wife has been stepping out on him, rang up $3 million. The figure kicks the flick's total estimated haul to $26.7 million.

The historical drama "The King's Speech" clenched the fourth-place spot. The Colin Firth vehicle added $2.14 million to its estimated $51 million haul.

"True Grit" slid to the fifth spot after clenching the box-office crown in recent weeks. Featuring performances from Hollywood heavyweights like Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, the Western made $2.11 million, just behind "Speech." The flick's total estimated gross now stands at around $132 million.

Just before "Strings" hit theaters, Portman spoke to MTV News about the film's racy sex scenes, and dished that landing the perfect under-the-sheets moves needed some planning.

"Some of the things were like, 'What are we going to try today?' And also, a lot of it gets choreographed because it's like, 'How are we going to get my hair thing out so that I don't fall on it?' or things like that where I'll be like, 'I can cover you there, and you can [cover me here],' " she said. "So it's very strategic."

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