Jennifer Lopez's 'On The Floor' Video To Be An 'Underground Party'

'We've seen so many club videos, but we want to see a club video with a vibe unique to Jennifer Lopez,' choreographer tells MTV News.

This weekend, [artist id="508574"]Jennifer Lopez[/artist] is set to film the music video for her club banger "On the Floor." MTV News was at auditions in L.A., where some of the area's most skilled and unique dancers showed up to see if they might make the final cut for the video.

On Thursday, the video's director, Taj, revealed what he was looking to capture in the clip: "Originality, being you. This song is about being who you want. It's about letting loose. There's no explanation. This is this underground video, this underground party."

Choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. gushed over the chance to work with the new "American Idol" judge on the clip. "I love working with J.Lo," he said. "She's a sweetheart. She understands the business."

Gatson also talked a bit about what the crew has in mind for the video's funky vibe. "I kind of get the feeling that she wants us to be in the club after 2 a.m. in L.A.," he revealed. "That's so amazing. [It's like] everybody had some watermelon and the watermelon made them high, it gave them a little buzz — but a good buzz, a real magical buzz, a dance buzz, a buzz that makes you feel like fried chicken, so she just wants everybody to have a good old time.

"The club must have this vibe, where you get on the floor and everybody's bringing it," he added. "We've seen so many club videos, but we want to see a club video with a vibe unique to Jennifer Lopez."

"On the Floor" producer RedOne recently talked to MTV News about the track. "Of course, she's global. She's a global artist," he said. "She's a global actress, and the music has to be global, and the rhythmic side of it or the Latin and this thing of a dancer [all has to be there].

"She said, 'I want to dance. I want to make people dance and be able to sing with me.' That's what we did, and it feels good. I think we're going to have a big one."

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