Are The Arcade Fire Prepping A New Album?

Rep for the band calls a listing in the U.K.'s Music Week 'just a rumor.'

In the current issue of U.K. trade mag Music Week, between listings for All Time Low's Dirty Work album and Asa's Beautiful Imperfection, there exists a line that reads, simply: "Arcade Fire 'TBC.' "

It's not exactly clear what it's referring to, but that hardly matters to the band's fans. Given that it's published alongside other upcoming albums, they've taken it to mean just one thing: Sometime this year, the [artist id="1802187"]Arcade Fire[/artist] are putting out an album.

But will it be an entirely new album? A live disc? A collection of outtakes from their Grammy-nominated, chart-topping The Suburbs? Well, as it turns out, none of that may even matter. Because according to a rep for the band, at the moment, all that talk is speculative, at best.

"[It's] just a rumor," the spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. "Nothing [is] confirmed yet."

A rep for Music Week could not be reached for comment about the listing.

So while there's nothing to report about a new album (at least not yet), Arcade Fire fanatics aren't exactly hurting for headlines these days. Earlier this week, the band were announced as headliners at both the upcoming Coachella and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festivals, and they're also on tap to perform at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on February 13, alongside Eminem, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. They'll also head into the show up for three awards, including Album of the Year.

Are you hoping the Arcade Fire already have a new album on the way? Let us know in the comments!