Jennifer Lopez Brings 'Latina Flavor' To 'American Idol,' Fans Say

'Paula Abdul did her thing, but J.Lo can do better,' one fan says at auditions for Lopez's 'On the Floor' video.

Two episodes into the new season of "American Idol," fans are weighing in on the show's newest judges: rock icon Steven Tyler and Hollywood triple threat Jennifer Lopez. Having already judged talent in New Jersey and New Orleans, some of Lopez's biggest fans are loving what the New York native is bringing alongside side Tyler and "Idol" vet Randy Jackson at the table.

"She looked amazing. She looked clean. She looked fresh," Falon Johnson told MTV News at auditions for J.Lo's "On the Floor" music video. "She's like the new Paula Abdul. I'm excited to see what she brings to 'American Idol,' because she has some tough shoes to fill. I think she's gonna do just fine. She's J.Lo!"

Carlos Ortiz thought Lopez found her footing at the table and that her opinions and criticisms were justified. "I think she is going to be fabulous," he said. "Her consistency in every way, every detail, every mannerism that she puts out there, I think she's gonna bring up lots of good things for these kids."

Fellow "On the Floor" auditioner Jason Maldonado was excited to see Jenny From the Block being herself on the show. "I think she's bringing the Latina flavor to it," he said. "So it's different. Paula Abdul did her thing, but J.Lo can do better."

Ortiz also thinks fans might be tuning in just to see Lopez. "I think they made rather right choices. I watched the ratings last night; they're over 26 million," he said. "They actually saw the show. I think they're doing great, and I think it has to do with J.Lo."

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