Channing Tatum And Tracy Morgan Square Off On 'Son Of No One' Set

'Tracy Morgan is going to shock the world,' Tatum tells MTV News of funnyman's dramatic turn in Sundance movie.

The 2011 Sundance Film Festival is just getting under way, and MTV News will have you covered with all the latest and greatest news from Park City, Utah. Kicking off our coverage is a sneak peek at one of the fest's big premieres and this year's closing-night film, "The Son of No One."

Written and directed by Dito Montiel ("A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints," "Fighting"), the film revolves around two men forced to relive two murders they committed as young boys. The film stars Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Tracy Morgan, Ray Liotta and Juliette Binoche. MTV News was lucky enough to drop by the New York set of the film awhile back, on a night when Montiel and crew were filming a heated scene between Tatum and Morgan.

"It's about two kids in 1986 that get away with murder," Montiel explained. "And how it can catch up with you in 2002 [the year in which the film is set], so we're never in reality."

"There's a real bond between these guys," Morgan said of the lead characters. "One's life went in one direction, which is very successful, and the other friend, which is my character, went in a really messed-up direction."

"Son of No One" marks Montiel and Tatum's third pairing together, which made us wonder if Montiel wrote the part with the "G.I. Joe" star in mind. "No, I never do. I keep ending up with him. I don't know why," he admitted. "That sounds like I'm being nice for MTV for whatever, but he's great and I love him and he's killing it."

Tatum plays Jonathan White, nicknamed "Milk." "It's an intense movie," Tatum said. "I think Tracy Morgan is going to shock the world. Nobody has ever seen him do drama or anything like that."

Speaking of which, Morgan said a large part of the draw for wanting to sign on to the film was to flex his dramatic acting muscles. "I feel it's an opportunity that I want to really take advantage of. I want to grow as an artist, as a person, and I understand my limitations," he said. "Comedy is a comfort zone for me and I don't mind coming out of my comfort zone."

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