Pink Offers Disclaimer For 'F****** Perfect' Video

'I want art to make me think,' singer says of new clip that touches on suicide and cutting.

By her own admission, [artist id="710231"]Pink[/artist] expected the video for "F****** Perfect," which hit on Thursday (January 20), to "ruffle some feathers." However, it's not the foul-mouthed title that she predicts will stir up controversy; it's the accompanying visual, which features themes of suicide and cutting and is set to make its TV premiere Thursday night on MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET.

In the hours before the clip was slated to hit the airwaves, the songstress posted a note on her blog that explains the concept of the video and her intentions for the project.

"My favorite books, art pieces, films, and music, always have something jarring about them. I want art to make me think," she said. "In order to do that, it may piss me off, or make me uncomfortable. That promotes awareness and change, or at least some discussion. That is my intention. You can't move mountains by whispering at them."

Pink went on to say that graphic clip tackles cutting and suicide because both problems reflect larger psychological issues sufferers must contend with.

"Cutting, and suicide, two very different symptoms of the same problem, are gaining on us. (the problem being; alienation and depression. the symptoms; cutting and suicide). I personally don't know a single person who doesn't know at least two of these victims personally," she said. The singer even pointed out how self-harm has popped up in pop culture. "A lot of us have seen certain starlets showing off their latest scars on a red carpet somewhere, usually right before they head back to their favorite rehab."

The songstress also made it clear that she doesn't endorse self-destructive behavior, but instead wants to create open dialogue about the issue.

"It's a problem, and it's something we should talk about. We can choose to ignore the problem, and therefore ignore this video, but that won't make it go away," she wrote. "I don't support or encourage suicide or cutting. I support the kids out there that feel so desperate/numb/powerless, that feel unseen and unheard, and can't see another way...I want them to know I'm aware. I have been there. I see them. Sometimes that's all it takes."

Pink, who is expecting her first child with husband Carey Hart, also added that her pregnancy made the creation of the visual much more moving.

"Making this video was a very emotional experience for me, as was writing this song. I have a life inside of me, and I want her or him to know that I will accept him or her with open and loving and welcoming arms. And though I will prepare this little munchkin for a sometimes cruel world, I will also equip this kid to see all the beauty in it as well," she said. "There are good people in this world that are open-minded, and loving. There are those that accept us with all of our flaws. I do that with my fans/friends, and I will do that with my child, whoever they decide to be."

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