Matt And Kim Reveal Bloody 'Cameras' Video Backstory

Duo spoke to MTV News and hyped the ultra-violent clip, which premiered Thursday on

On Thursday (January 20), Matt and Kim continued their tradition of eye-catching, law-bending music videos with the release of their "Cameras" clip, which features the pair proudly — and, some might say, quite graphically — pounding each other to pulps.

Faces (and equipment) are smashed, walls are busted, ribcages are rattled and at least one container of Chinese food is brandished as a deadly weapon. And, yes, there's plenty of blood spilled too. It's both a little comical and a tad unsettling to watch, and though Matt and Kim both underwent extensive stunt training beforehand, there's still an unhinged, unrehearsed feel to the video. A spokesperson for the duo told MTV News there were even some on-set injuries during the shoot.

Of course, all of that was part of the plan. Or, at least that's what M&K told MTV News back in October, as they were gearing up for the release of their Sidewalks album, and plotting the "Cameras" vid.

"We came up with this idea and we were trying to shoot it before we went on tour — we started tour like September 15 — and we just ran out of time, because we had to finish the album," Kim Schifino said. "You know, album comes first before video ... so we didn't have time to shoot it, but as soon as the tour's over, I think November 10, we fly out to L.A. and we're going to shoot it."

"We still got big plans, don't worry about that," her partner, Matt Johnson, added. "After what we've done with videos, we know we've got to step it up."

Johnson was referring to the success of the duo's previous clips, like the Woodie-winning, Erykah Badu-inspiring "Lessons Learned" video, and their blissed-out, homemade "Daylight." The goal was to try and top those efforts ... with one notable exception. Unlike anything they'd previously filmed (and despite all the fisticuffs contained within), they were actually looking forward to shooting "Cameras." For different reasons, of course.

"I'm going to say, this is the first video that we're going to make that I'm excited about making," Schifino laughed.

"Usually, she's like, 'Oh, you're making me take my clothes off in Times Square?' " Johnson added. "Kim's weird, she hates to get water in her face and stuff for some reason, or get put in a dumpster or a refrigerator. I don't know, basically I usually just do these videos to piss her off, and I thought this one would do that, but she seems to be into it, so we might have to change the idea."

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