Rihanna Tweets Photo From 'S&M' Video Set

'Had a fantastic weekend shooting my best/favorite video EVER!!!!' singer tweeted on Wednesday.

Rihanna may be going high fashion on the cover of Vogue soon, but the red-headed singer looks ready for a very different kind of magazine in a photo snapped on the set of her "S&M" video. After filming the clip on Wednesday, the she took to her Twitter to gush over her latest visual and share the photo.

"I'm great! Had a fantastic weekend shooting my best/favorite video EVER!!!! #iLikeItLikeIt," the singer tweeted to an inquiring fan. Shortly after, Rihanna vowed to post some onset photos until the video release date. "Oh yeah! I got some behind the scenes S&M flix for u #RihannaNavy I'll give em to u little by little until the vid drops."

Just a few hours later, Rihanna made good on her promise and gave her Navy their first taste of the video. In the photo, she has big, curly red hair and a heart-shaped eye patch over her left eye. With her mouth open, the Barbadian beauty seductively holds an ice cream cone as her bare back is turned to the camera.

Though the video's director has yet to be confirmed, it looks as if Rihanna may have re-teamed with previous collaborator Melina Matsoukas ("Hard" and "Rude Boy") for the colorful clip. On Monday, Matsoukas tweeted, "recovering from a colourful wknd of S&M with a hot red headed chick and i get to call that work... i love this job"

"S&M" is just one of two videos that Rihanna shot this month. The Barbadian beauty also teamed up with Nicki Minaj to shoot the clip for the MC's next single, "Fly." The duo hyped up the forthcoming collabo by tweeting a photo of themselves on set, but their flirty posts soon had the blogosphere wrongly speculating that the chart-toppers were living together.