'American Idol' Alum Matt Giraud Thinks Steven Tyler Was 'Really Funny'

'To sit in front of an icon like that has got to be ridiculous,' the season eight finalist says.

On Wednesday night, the new and revamped "American Idol" debuted. It was Simon Cowell-free and featured new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. So, what did season-eight contestant Matt Giraud think of the show without Cowell?

"I did kind of miss him. I was kind of thinking, 'Oh yeah, can't wait to hear what Simon says ... oh yeah, there's no Simon.' [But] I think they did pretty well," he told MTV News on Wednesday night during "Judging the Judges," MTV News' post-show live stream. "We missed him. He adds something for sure."

While he and fellow season-eight contestant Allison Iraheta were mourning the loss of Cowell, Giraud did have an interesting analysis of one new judge's style. "I know the producers are worried about Steven Tyler's mouth," he joked. "I thought he was really funny, how he was checking out all the contestants. Watch when they go live. He's going to look like a puppy on a leash."

Regarding Tyler's somewhat animated judging style, Giraud says that he may have scatted right back at him if given the chance. "I would do the same thing back! I would probably want to sing an Aerosmith song," he laughed. "To sit in front of an icon like that has got to be ridiculous. I think the judges this year, it's kind of cool to see actual entertainers who are still relevant."

With the judges' table completely revamped save for "Idol" vet Randy Jackson, does it even matter who sits at the table in the long run? "They do give you advice. I think in the beginning rounds, every word they say is so important. It means a lot in the beginning," he explained. "But I think as you go along and you know you have fans out there, they matter less and less."

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