Anne Hathaway Will 'Go There' As Catwoman In 'Dark Knight Rises'

'Hathaway has longevity, a steady career arc and growth in appearing in big films,' a studio source tells MTV News of her casting.

Given the overwhelming, worldwide success of "Batman Begins" and, even more so, "The Dark Knight," any time there's news about Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," it make headlines.

Case in point: Wednesday's (January 19) big announcement from Warner Bros. about the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) and the unveiling of Tom Hardy's role as the formidable, villainous Bane.

Regarding Hathaway's casting, who has been linked to the film via various rumors that started last November, a source at Warner Bros. told MTV News that the "Love & Other Drugs" star is a great choice to play the femme fatale.

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"She definitely has the [acting] chops," the studio source said. "She can 'go there' with this role. Obviously, Chris [Nolan] sees something in her that's fantastic that we haven't seen or have seen ... plus Hathaway has longevity, a steady career arc and growth in appearing in big films."

Hathaway is, after all, an Oscar-nominated actress (in 2009, for her performance in "Rachel Getting Married"). She first captured the hearts of young girls everywhere in Disney films like "The Princess Diaries" and "Ella Enchanted," which showcased both a feminine vulnerability and modern, sassy takes on the traditional "princess" stereotype. From there, Hathaway's highlights include a supporting role in "Brokeback Mountain"; the action/comedy "Get Smart," where we saw her more mature, sexy side as Agent 99, the perfect foil to Steve Carell's bumbling Maxwell Smart; a starring role in "The Devil Wears Prada," opposite Meryl Streep; and her darker, subversive and ultimately award-worthy performance in "Rachel."

So, in looking at Hathaway's résumé, particularly her film choices over the past few years, she looks to be prepared for this next great leap into Nolan's darker, edgier Gotham City — no matter whether Nolan chooses to make his Selina Kyle more villainous or more love interest.

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