Adam Lambert Predicts Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler's 'Idol' Style

'American Idol' alum says the superstars will bring amazing fashion to the new season.

As the newly shaken-up "American Idol" debuts on Wednesday (January 19), fans are ready to weigh in on how spankin'-new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will fare — and how they'll look.

MTV News recently caught up with "Idol" alum Adam Lambert at the season-three premiere of "RuPaul's Drag Race" in Los Angeles, and he mused that when it comes to fashion, both Lopez and Tyler will bring their A-list style game.

"I'm sure they're gonna be top-of-the-notch. Steven Tyler, I mean, he's a legend. And J.Lo has always been beautiful. I remember when I was a kid graduating high school and 'Waiting for Tonight' came out. Remember that video? And she had all the rhinestones on her face and she just looked like just dewy and stunning and amazing," Lambert said. "I'm really looking forward to [seeing their fashion] too."

While MTV News' "Idol" expert Jim Cantiello is set to host the live stream "Judging the Judges: An 'Idol' Without Simon" right after "Idol" airs, at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday on, Lambert shied away from comparing the two music pros' judging style. He maintained that the duo aren't likely to duke it out for top-judge honors. The season-eight runner-up said Lopez and Tyler are approaching the competition from different vantage points, and pitting their judging styles against each other is probably a futile "Idol" fan exercise.

"They're birds of a different feather, but they're gonna flock together," he said.

Even though Lambert has more "Idol" experience than the newbie judges, he didn't have any advice to offer Lopez or Tyler as they take their seats on live television for the first time. In fact, he insisted he'd welcome pointers from the superstar critics anytime.

"I want advice from them," Lambert smiled. "I will not give Steven Tyler or J. Lo any advice. That's not my place."

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