Lady Gaga Gets 'Bigger And Bigger' On Born This Way, RedOne Says

'She's growing all the time, from the day I met her,' producer tells MTV News.

It's only a matter of weeks until Lady Gaga releases the first single from her highly anticipated album Born This Way, due in May. Producer RedOne recently chatted with MTV News about their latest collaboration, saying it shows the next step in the evolution of the girl formerly known as Stefani Germanotta.

"She's growing all the time, from the day I met her," RedOne said. "Of course, she's an encyclopedia of music. She listened to all the Bruce Springsteens, all the legends, and she has music in her. But on her personal level, she's always growing and growing and growing and becoming bigger and bigger, and her vision's the same thing. She just needed this platform to put all her ideas and learning from what she's been doing [into one place], and she's doing her thing."

With work on the album close to complete, this is a very exciting time for Gaga and him. "It feels exciting. It feels very exciting," he said with a smile on his face. "It's really exciting, and I hope the world is going to enjoy this as much as we do."

RedOne also dished about the album's forthcoming single. "It's so beautiful, and Gaga is very special to all of us — to the world," he said. "Honestly, the only thing we do is we get into the studio and suddenly magic happens. We never overthink, or we just do what we do. That's how it all started. With 'Just Dance,' we did it in one hour. There was no overthinking. Even though I remember when we did 'Poker Face,' people said musically it brought something new to the music and you won't be able to top it, we went into the studio and we did 'Bad Romance' on a bus.

"That explains how we do it, so I can't tell you anything about what's coming, but that's what we do. We just get in and do music we love and feel it, and thank God it comes out good."

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