Former 'American Idol' Contestant Alex Lambert Not Homeless, Rep Says

Singer tweeted that he was living on the streets of Los Angeles.

On the eve of the season 10 debut of "American Idol," one of last season's most lovable losers has gotten himself back into the news. Perhaps you remember stage-fright-wracked singer Alex Lambert, the talented but nervous guitar strummer whose ouster unleashed an online petition of support from more than 13,000 fans who wanted him reinstated to the show.

Well, on Monday night, Lambert posted a string of tweets in which he claimed he'd been forced to live on the streets of Los Angeles since October, when he wrapped up his stint on the reality series "If I Can Dream," the online show he fled to after being booted from "Idol."

After chatting with some fellow fans and former "Idol" pals about his frustrations with the music biz, Lambert dropped this bombshell: "Ever since 'IICD' ended I've been kinda homeless! Sleepin on the street and behind buildings. I have a choice to stay and pursue my career or go back to texas and not do music! I'm usually a strong person but I can't take it anymore. I've been goin to coffee shops and other stores so I can tweet to my snaf! Because to be honest! You guys are all I really have!"

According to Entertainment Weekly, however, things are not nearly as grim as they might seem. A spokesperson for an "Idol" production company, 19 Entertainment, which manages many of the show's contestants, confirmed that the tweets did come from Lambert but denied that the 20-year-old Texas singer is sleeping behind dumpsters. "He's not homeless. I don't know where that came from," the unidentified rep told EW, explaining that there's good reason to believe that Lambert should have the ability to pay for housing thanks to his development deal with 19. "He's on a retainer, and he's getting money every month," the spokesperson said. "He's working on demos. He's with writers, he's working on music. ... He's not homeless. How could he be texting? How could he be going into [the] recording studio and sleeping on the streets? There's no record deal yet, but hopefully these demos ... something could come from that."

Perhaps someone at 19 had a chat with Lambert about his down and out in Beverly Hills claims, since he updated his status on Tuesday afternoon, writing, "Sorry for the miscommunication ;) I'm just fine! MAHALO!"

And even though he claimed to be living on the streets, he asked his followers not to feel sorry for him, adding, "I know a lot of people think I tweeted my living situation for publicity! But I don't give a damn about fame!" But then he muddied the waters again with some follow-up tweets in which he stated emphatically, "I'm real! And I don't lie! and I would never lie to y'all! (y'all being my supporters who got my back through thick and thin) F--- yeah I was ... sleepin outside! That sh-- sucks too! I'm goin back home to get my sh-- together! But I will be back! And I'm comin strong! LETS DO THIS!"

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