'American Idol' Fan Anthony Hopkins Loves Randy Jackson's 'Soul'

'He's so fair with everyone,' the 'Rite' star tells MTV News.

Anthony Hopkins is a veteran actor of the stage and screen and an Oscar winner knighted by the queen of England for his services to the arts. With so many movies to make and other important, knightly things to do, one would never think of Sir Hopkins as a super-fan of "American Idol" — yet he is.

We had heard that he was a fan back in 2009, so much so that he'd happily star in a movie version of the singing reality competition. So when MTV News caught up with the esteemed thespian while he promoted his upcoming exorcism thriller "The Rite," we had to ask if he were excited about the show's season 10 premiere Wednesday (January 19).

" 'American Idol'? Oh, yeah, I love all those [talent shows]," he said. "Somebody says they're 'chewing gum for the mind,' but they're entertaining. ... My wife makes me watch them; I don't," he joked before admitting that he and his wife TiVo every episode.

"I went to one or two of the shows and met Simon Cowell," he revealed. "Somebody I really like is Randy Jackson. We became friends, although I don't see much of him. I think we invited him to the premiere of ['The Rite']."

Hopkins went on to say that he likes Jackson's spirit and did a little impression of the veteran "Idol" judge's trademark phrase.

"He's a terrific guy. I love his soul," Hopkins said. " 'Hey, dawg!' I think he's terrific. I love his compassion, because he's so fair with everyone."

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