Paul Rudd Talks Crocs, Beards On 'My Idiot Brother' Set

'I'm going to shave tomorrow,' he tells MTV News of overgrown facial hair he grew for the film, which premieres at Sundance.

We'll be honest: When we caught up with Paul Rudd this summer, he kind of looked like a mess. A Unabomber-esque beard had sprouted from his face, ripped-up shorts hung low on his hips and a pair of bright-orange Crocs hugged his feet.

"They suck," he said of the footwear. "I don't like 'em. They're not good, despite the fact that they look so cool."

No, Rudd was not down on his luck. He was still in wardrobe on the final day of shooting for "My Idiot Brother," an upcoming comedy in which Rudd stars as an idealistic organic farmer who apartment-hops among his three sisters' pads, sowing happiness and havoc in his wake.

"I immediately go to jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer," Rudd revealed of his character, Ned Rochlin. "However, the character is not dumb. The character just kind of appeals to everybody's higher angels and thinks that if he throws goodness out there, it will in turn come back."

But it's just that it's-all-good-bro sensibility that ends up causing so much disruption in his sisters' lives. To begin, he stays with a career-oriented, overachieving sister played by Elizabeth Banks. Then it's on to a sister, played by Emily Mortimer, who lives in Park Slope and has just given birth to a child. Finally he ends up in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, loft with a sister, played by Zooey Deschanel, and his sister's lesbian lover.

"We shot a lot of In Williamsburg," Rudd laughed. "People couldn't tell if I was a hipster or a Hassid."

Directed by Jesse Peretz, "My Idiot Brother" premieres at this year's Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off Thursday in Park City, Utah. By then, Rudd will have ditched the Crocs and the happy-hippie beard. In fact, he was planning on a much-anticipated shave as soon as production wrapped hours after we bid him goodbye on set.

"I'm going to shave tomorrow. I'll do it in segments," Rudd said. "You can never just shave a beard off. You have to do it piece by piece. Usually, the first thing I'll go for is the James A. Garfield or the Zachary Taylor. Just the chin shave. Actually, I don't know if Garfield had that. I'll have to Google it."

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