Lady Gaga's New Single Is 'So Beautiful,' RedOne Says

Born This Way producer says, 'We get into the studio and suddenly magic happens.'

On February 13, Lady Gaga will finally release the first single off her highly anticipated May release, Born This Way. Sure, Gaga has said she wants this to be the best album of the decade and that it will most likely "piss people off," but little is known about the album's vibe sonically.

Her producer, RedOne, wouldn't spill too many details about the single when MTV News caught up with him at the LA Times' The Envelope Roundtable - Music Producers, but he did let everyone know that the pair have once again made magic happen.

"I think it's too precious to talk about," RedOne explained. "It's so beautiful, and Gaga is very special to all of us — to the world."

Last fall, Gaga blew her fans away when she released "Bad Romance," a catchy, incredibly massive tune including her very own Gaga battle cry. The epic lead single off The Fame Monster has fans and haters wondering if she could ever top herself. RedOne said you don't have to worry about that.

"Honestly, the only thing we do is we get into the studio and suddenly magic happens," he said. "We never overthink, or we just do what we do. That's how it all started. With 'Just Dance,' we did it in one hour. There was no overthinking. Even though I remember when we did 'Poker Face,' people said musically it brought something new to the music and you won't be able to top it, we went into the studio and we did 'Bad Romance' on a bus.

"That explains how we do it, so I can't tell you anything about what's coming but that's what we do. We just get in and do music we love and feel it, and thank God it comes out good."

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