Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg's 'That Good' Video Hits Net

First clip from duo's upcoming 'High School' soundtrack shows kush-loving MCs enjoying baked goods.

Wiz Khalifa looks like he'll fit in just fine in Los Angeles. The lanky Pittsburgh rapper recently announced plans to relocate to the West Coast this year, and in his and Snoop's new video for "That Good," Wiz plays the part of Cali OG to the fullest.

The Taylor Gang head takes in the green ways of Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound's Daz Dillinger in the clip. "I'm smoking everywhere I go," Wiz sings over the breezy production while seated at a kitchen table with Snoop and company poring over medicinal items.

The video, which shows Snoop and Wiz cruising around town in a haze of smoke, serves as the first visual offering from the pair's upcoming movie and soundtrack, "High School." The joint project was originally announced earlier this month with no release date or title. Then, in an interview with DJ Skee Snoop revealed the movie title and suggested the flick would go straight to DVD in time for an April 20 release — a nod to smokers — but the "That Good" clip ends with a message saying the project will arrive in June.

On Skee's Hip-Hop Nation radio show, Snoop further explained that the concept of the LP and movie was a union of generations.

"We decided to go ahead and say, 'You know what? Let's do a movie and a soundtrack and just become, you know, bosom buddies and do what we do, 'cause we love what we do and we love each other and at the same time we know what the people want,' " Snoop said. "The people want to see the two generations come together where hip-hop ain't about old school and new school. It's just about good music and making good moves and putting something out there that's classic where people can respect it and say, 'Yeah, so now, this was some gangsta sh-- that really made hip-hop gradually grow to another level.' "

Although Snoop's collabos with Wiz have been keeping him busy, the Cali vet also has a solo project on the way: The Doggumentary album is due March 29.

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