Spider-Man Will Use 'Device' To Shoot Webs, Emma Stone Says

Golden Globe nominee reveals change to MTV News on red carpet after first-look photo hints at modification to Spidey's costume.

After the geeky shock of seeing Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man for the first time wore off, savvy observers noticed a potentially huge clue hidden within the newly released first-look photo from Sony Pictures: Garfield's boy wonder seemed to be sporting metal discs on his wrists, suggesting that he employs a mechanical device to shoot webs, rather than organically emitting them from his body.

That would mean a sharp break from previous "Spider-Man" films — Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker shot webs directly from his wrists — but one that's still in keeping with established comics lore. Recent story lines have shown both a Spidey with web-shooters and a Spidey able to naturally shoot webs on his own. The new photo, while tantalizing, offered no firm proof either way.

But now "Spider-Man" star Emma Stone has stepped in and delivered the first definitive answer.

"It's a device," she said on the Golden Globes red carpet when MTV News asked about the discs on her co-star's wrists.

So given that the new big-screen Spider-Man will use a contraption to emit webs, moviegoers should look out for a story line involving Parker's invention of "webs" composed of a chemical he invents when the flick hits theaters in summer 2012. Although Stone dropped that tidbit, she was more tight-lipped about her own character, Gwen Stacy, and her evolution over the course of the film. "You're just going to have to wait and see," she said.

She has, however, been enjoying her newly blond locks, a look that returns Stone to her natural hair color. "It hasn't slapped me in the face. It's treating me all right," she laughed.

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