Robert Pattinson On Playing Dads, Surviving Red Carpets

'I've always got a baby,' he says of upcoming 'Breaking Dawn' and 'Water for Elephants.'

Robert Pattinson has baby fever: His characters in two of his upcoming projects are dads. The star laughed about playing a pop in both "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and "Water for Elephants."

"I was just doing some additional stuff for 'Water for Elephants,' and there were loads of kids ... I've always got a baby," he joked to MTV News on the red carpet Sunday night at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Sure, playing a dad may make him a little nervous, but does going to big, splashy awards shows still make the red-carpet-shy actor a bit jittery?

"I think I'm just going more and more deaf," he

joked about the pre-show commotion. "And it's becoming more and more difficult to concentrate. I do entire interviews where they go, 'You've got one minute!' And I go, 'Huh? Huh?' "

During Pattinson's chat with MTV News, he also talked about the just-released still from "Breaking Dawn" featuring Edward and Bella naked in bed together.

"I love how they release that for the first one. They just give it all away," he said about the photo.

Pattinson laughed about what was running through his mind while shooting that scene, and told us the sex scenes with Stewart were no more awkward than with other actresses, such as his "Bel Ami" co-star Uma Thurman.

"It's always awkward, in a way, doing it with anybody," he admitted.

"But at the same time ... it really depends on how it's staged and stuff. It's like doing Twister."

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