Jonah Hill Says '21 Jump Street' To Shoot In April

'We're really excited,' funnyman tells MTV News of filming the project.

After spending roughly two years in development purgatory, the wheels are finally turning on Jonah Hill's big-screen take on the '80s TV hit "21 Jump Street," and the funnyman couldn't be more amped.

"The ball's very slowly rolling," Hill laughed to MTV News on the Critics' Choice Movie Awards red carpet on Friday night. "We're really excited."

The "Superbad" star, who penned the script, also gave an update about the production schedule and said filming is set to kick off in a just a few months.

"We're gonna shoot April 11 in New Orleans," Hill divulged. "I'm excited. I've never been to New Orleans before."

While Hill and co-star Channing Tatum are slated to head in front of the lens, he added that the entire cast hasn't been firmed up yet.

"It was really important to get the main two characters together, and then now we gotta fill out the rest of the cast," he said. However there is one superstar cameo Hill has been gunning for since the project was green lit: Johnny Depp.

"Hopefully, he does it. It would be awesome if he did it," Hill told MTV News in November about getting the "Pirates of the Carribean" star and "Jump Street" alum, even jokingly offering an aggressive plea to directly to Depp: "Just do it, dude. Don't be an a--hole. Just be in the movie."

Depp seems down for turning up in the flick, telling MTV News in December, "I'm in."

A Depp cameo may lend the project some authenticity, but Hill has maintained that the film version will introduce brand new characters and bear little resemblance to its small-screen predecessor.

"What happens is they get caught up in the high school-ness as opposed to the police work," Hill previously told MTV News. "And whenever they get too caught up in the high school drama, police work comes in. And whenever they get too caught up in the police work, high school drama comes in.

"It's an entirely new imagination of what '21 Jump Street' is," he explained. "We're not doing a spoof whatsoever. It will be crazy characters that are in very unreal circumstances sometimes."

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