Rick Ross’ Revamped Ashes To Ashes Adds Drake, Meek Mill, Wale

'It's the beginning of a lot of big things to come,' the Bawse tells Mixtape Daily.

This Week’s Main Pick
Street King: Rick Ross

Holding It Down For: Miami

Mixtape: Ashes to Ashes

Real Spit: We’re back! Mixtape Daily returns, and just like the Bawse, we’re in a new space and ready for the promise of a new year.
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Ross had a hell of a 2010, dropping the thumping “B.M.F. (Blowin’
Money Fast)” from his excellent album Teflon Don, the fourth near-flawless LP in his discography.

Just before the holidays ended, though, Ross returned once more to drop his mixtape Ashes to Ashes, which he later re-released, revamping the effort with joints from Drake and his MMG acquisitions Meek Mill and Wale.

“I think it’s the beginning of a lot of big things to come,” Ross told Mixtape Daily about the collection. “So I wanted to give the people something before the year was out … because I have a new album I’m cooking up. … I feel like it’s a new beginning.

“There’s a lot of things that got to go. And this is the beginning of some new things that [will] pop off in music. Some new sounds, some new styles, some new techniques, some new bosses. And that’s what it’s about.”

Joints to Check For
» “RetroSuperFuture” featuring Wiz Khalifa: Ross and Wiz endorse the Green Party on this slow, looping track. “Now, I stay high, while y’all stay low,” Wiz sings on the hook. “Trying to tell me about the smell, I know/ My eyes stay red from all that smoke.”

» “Made Men” featuring Drake: “Two-door Bugatti coupe, I call it Katy Perry,” Ross raps on the boastful number. “Wiz Khalifa papers, my favorite berries/ That ’65, I call it Rihanna/ It got a red top but it’s white like Madonna.”

» “Pandemonium” featuring Meek Mill and Wale: The Miami Don and his off-season pickups put it down over the brassy production.
“They say I’m special as Devin Hester on fourth down,” Wale spits. “So all that sh– you n—as kicking, we ain’t worried about.”

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