Andre 3000 Pops Up On Ke$ha's 'Sleazy' Remix

Outkast MC freshens up the pop star's Cannibal cut with rare feature.

It seems the only way to find spankin'-new [artist id="1636205"]Andre 3000[/artist] lyrics these days is on the odd remix, and the ATLien definitely picked a left-of-center choice for his latest feature.

On Friday (January 14), a remix of Ke$ha's Cannibal track "Sleazy" hit the Web, outfitted with some brand-new bars from the elusive Outkast MC. The southern spitter uses the revamp to muse about a young kid dealing with a deadbeat dad over the song's bouncy thump.

"We start out so cute in our baby pictures/ That mama shot for our daddy so that he wouldn't forget you/ He forgot anyway, but hey, one day he'll remember/ If not, he's human, I'm human, you human, we'll forgive him," he spits.

After sounding off about daddy issues, Stacks then rhymes about his playful relationship with the glitter-friendly poptress.

"I call her Keisha, she like it because it's hood to her/ She call me Andre 6000 because I'm good to her," he says.

The remix follows a slew of random guest appearances on records by everyone from DJ Unk to Rich Boy as fans await another full-length release from 'Dre. Back in 2008, the Love Below lyricist broke down his affinity for jumping on the occasional remix to MTV News, explaining that cooking up another quality solo record is no easy task.

"I've been doing remixes here and there, and let me tell you, thank God for remixes. I wanna tell everybody who's been checking out the remixes and things like the John Legend song ['Green Light']: In this day and age, those are the things that have kind of been keeping me alive. Because it takes me awhile to record albums," he said. "I have to kind of build up something to say."

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