'Skins' Premiere: Cast Tells Us What To Expect

Pilot episode airs Monday night (January 17) at 10 p.m. on MTV.

On Monday night (January 17), the American version of "Skins" kicks off. And with expectations high, since so many viewers stateside love the U.K. version of the sexy teen soap, the cast admits the pilot, which is basically a shot-for-shot remake of the original's pilot, is really just a great tease for what's to come.

"For people who haven't seen the U.K. version, it's an introduction," said James Newman, who plays "Skins" smooth-talker Tony.

Britne Oldford, who plays Cadie on the show, explained: "The pilot is essentially ... a parallel to the original version's first episode.

There are two episodes that are parallels, and then everything else is original, so it's really ... an introduction to all the characters, and hopefully after that, everyone will keep watching."

There's plenty to watch for as complex characters deal with complex issues including substance abuse, divorce and jealousy, to name a few, but none of it is glamorized. In between the glossy party scenes, the characters deal with intense emotions and consequences.

"I think the pilot is really an introduction to the characters, the whole rich people thing, the losing your virginity thing. All those storylines are kind of just this way of getting to know all of us,"

said Sofia Black D'Elia, who plays Tea.

"I'm actually more excited for audiences to see what happens afterward," she continued. "It's such an intro that you don't really get a sense of what our show has become at this point now. At 10 episodes later, it's so much different."

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