Tom Felton, Ashley Greene Compare 'Harry Potter,' 'Twilight' Notes

'We would debate who would actually win out of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter,' jokes Felton, who co-stars with Greene in 'The Apparition.'

It goes without saying that the fan communities surrounding "Twilight"

and "Harry Potter" are sizable. Ginormous, even. And while many Twilighters are also Potter-heads, when asked to choose a side in the always-loaded debate of "Who would win in a fight: vampires or wizards?" the conversation can get heated, to say the least.

Luckily for fans of both franchises, they'll have something to cheer about and support together when "The Apparition" is released later this year. The film stars not one, but two fan favorites: "Twilight"

star Ashley Greene and "Potter" alum Tom Felton.

Coincidentally, both actors made MTV News' 11 for '11 stars-to-watch list, and when we caught up with them recently, we asked if the co-stars talked about "Twilight" vs. "Potter" fans or compared notes about being in highly popular film franchises.

"Not so much comparing the fans as acknowledging how incredible they are," Greene said. "We are both so lucky to be a part of franchises that have ignited such a passion in young people. Very few actors get to be a part of that experience, so it's humbling."

A very sweet and sincere response from Greene, which was appreciated.

But Felton gave us more of the playful angle we hoped for.

"Oh yeah, we had lengthy debates," Felton said of his and Greene's "Potter" vs. "Twilight" chats. "We actually spent most evenings, instead of rehearsing lines we would debate who would actually win out of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter. It's still ongoing. We haven't settled it," he joked.

"No, I jest," he admitted. "We're both very proud of our work for our franchises, so to speak, and it was nice to be the first film that really collaborates them together. It's a very cool thing to be a part of."

So, who do you think would win in a fight: vampires or wizards?

Sound off in the comments below!

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