Britney Spears Going For A More 'Urban' Sound, Danja Reveals

Producer says singer is still recording tracks for upcoming album.

According to music producer [artist id="2367104"]Danja[/artist], [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] is still hard at work on her March album release. The producer, who has worked with Spears on songs like "Gimme More," "Break the Ice" and "Kill the Lights" in the past, reveals that he and the pop superstar are still working on tracks together.

"Britney, I don't have too much news, but I'm always creating something," he told MTV News on Thursday, just as Spears' first single, "Hold It Against Me," reached the top of iTunes charts worldwide. "Still recording. She still has songs to cut, but we'll see what happens."

When asked what kinds of songs he's throwing together for Britney, his comments echoed those he made last June. "I just took my track level up. I just wanted to make sure it's still hard-hitting and still that same energy that people heard, but very today's time," he said. "So we'll see. I don't know what the project will end up being, but we'll see. We did have a meeting like a year ago, and they wanted it to sound urban, hard-hitting, not so much dance, but just that similar sound."

Danja says that he has yet to actually get in the studio with the star, but he has been in conversation with her about any potential songs that might be included on her still untitled album. "Well, for me, this time around I haven't been in with her yet," he revealed. "It's just been us writing and creating and really nailing a sound or a song more than anything."

In addition to working on tracks for the album, Spears is also hard at work on the video for her first single. Her choreographer Brian Friedman spoke to MTV's "The Seven" this week, describing what fans will see when the video drops.

"I think you can expect the unexpected from Britney," he said. "She is taking risks when it comes to fashion, when it comes to choreography, when it comes to this music — she's grown up so much, and she's pushing 30 years old soon, so she's a strong, independent woman and I think she wants to show that."