Lil Wayne Surfaces On DJ Khaled's 'Welcome To My Hood'

Rick Ross, Plies and T-Pain also appear on the Miami DJ's latest posse cut.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is getting back to one of the things he does best: tricking out collabos with his trademark lyricism.

On Thursday (January 13), DJ Khaled's latest star-studded posse cut and first Cash Money offering, "Welcome to My Hood" hit the Net, featuring bars from Weezy, fellow Florida rappers Rick Ross and Plies and [article id="1655136"]rumored Young Money signee T-Pain[/article].

The track, crafted by the Renegades, Khaled and the Nasty Beatmakers, features the victorious, speaker-shattering, hometown-pumping energy typical of the DJ's all-star collabos, with Pain belting lines like, "Everybody know everybody/ And if I got it, everybody got it," over the steely, bass-heavy beat.

Ross leads things off, balancing glossy images of Audemars Piguet-laced wrists and mortgage-payment-sized bar tabs with grimy street operations, wrapping up with, "The Ferrari just a front/ Got the Lambo in the back/ Told you we the best forever/ DJ Khaled handle that."

Plies follows with a souped-up, eardrum-busting flow, detailing the exploits of his city's hardened thugs. "I know some n---as from my 'hood that would've rocked Noriega/ I'm taking Noriega, n---a, the real Noriega," the Fort Myers rapper spits about hometown hooligans capable of ripping apart the infamous Panamanian politician and drug kingpin — not the Queens rapper Noreaga.

Wayne closes the track with lyrics that reference his return to the game — and Khaled-helmed collabos — after his [article id="1651483"]2010 prison stay[/article]. "Back from hell, cell 23/ Tell the warden kiss my ass, pockets are Mo'Nique," Weezy rhymes, shrugging off the drama of the jail bid. He also briefly touches on the [article id="1624434"]2007 weapons arrest[/article] that landed him in the pen, spitting, "Sh-- happens, and since I'm the sh--, I'm who it happened to." The I Am Not a Human Being rapper finishes with lines about his single-minded focus on re-conquering the game, rhyming, "All that bullsh-- is for the birds/ Throw some bread out/ Got it sewed up/ Check the thread count."

[article id="1653679"]Khaled hinted to MTV News[/article] last year that the first single for the forthcoming We The Best Forever would get the Wayne treatment.

"When I work with Wayne, I always get the most classic verses, like 'We Taking Over,' " Khaled said. "And this verse with my new one, it's ... I'm not even gonna lie: It's amazing.

"It's one of them anthems that I do," he added. "The streets are gonna embrace it on another level. When you hear it you're gonna be like, 'This is what I'm talking about.' It's that anthem, I got them."

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