Tyga Says He Has 'Recipe' For Success Now

'I had to sit back and see what the people really wanted from me,' one of MTV News' 11 for '11 says.

Not only does [artist id="1652126"]Tyga[/artist] have to leapfrog other upstarts to get his voice heard, but the Los Angeles lyricist has also had to wait in line for his own crew members — Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj — to put out their albums.

Patience, however, has never been a problem for the Young Money MC. The 21-year-old rapper first rose to prominence in 2008 with "Coconut Juice," his single that featured cousin Travie McCoy.

Now, two years later, his records "I'm On It" and "Really Raw" are setting the table for his sophomore set, the forthcoming Careless World. The tracks are proof that his time on the bench was well-served, and also the reason he's been tapped as one of MTV News' 11 for '11.

"It took some time. I had to re-evaluate myself," Tyga told MTV News. "How I wanted to portray my image, how I wanted my music to be sent out and the message I was trying to say. I had to really sit back. I had a chance in the beginning when I first started, but I had to sit back and see what the people really wanted from me. And now I have that recipe, and I'm just perfecting it."

Part of that progress took place in 2009, he said, when he released nine mixtapes during the span of 12 months. Tyga said he listened to the material and realized he was beginning to mature; the results were evident on his verses for Young Money's "BedRock" and "Roger That."

Watching Lil Wayne work on Tha Carter III didn't hurt either.

"It's always the same approach," Tyga said of his creative process. "But once you exercise that skill once, you do it so much, it comes to you way faster. That's how I can see how Wayne can go in there and do a verse and a song in 15 minutes. Certain beats speak to you faster. I think my album is gonna have some of the biggest records you heard from me. It's definitely my best work to date. It's inside my life and the person that I am. It's showing everybody else that I'm just like them and connecting with them."

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