Deena Brings ‘A Whole Bunch Of Vocabulary’ To ‘Jersey Shore’

Rookie explains her additions to the 'Shore' lexicon, including 'backpack' and 'stepstool.'

In its first two seasons, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” introduced America to countless new words and expressions that have made a lasting impression on pop culture, including “GTL,” “grenades” and “T-shirt time.”

Now, with the addition of castmember Deena Nicole Cortese , fans of the show can expect a brand-new round of crazy terminology and phrases. The 23-year-old recently sat down with MTV News and promised to bring “a whole bunch of vocabulary” to the show this season.

In Thursday night’s episode, Deena called Sammi Sweetheart a “backpack” because of how she always clings to Ronnie. She told MTV News “backpack” can also be used to describe “one of the … guys that follow me around the club and stuff.”

As she was a bit slap-happy on her first night with the cast, Deena used herself as an example of a “slaptard,” which she defined as a “slappy” girl. “I was a complete slaptard the first night,” she said. “I was, like, the biggest slaptard ever.”

Deena also dished on one of the harsher terms she has added to the extensive “Jersey Shore” lexicon. “This is horrible,” she admitted, “but you know when you, like, meet a girl but her friend’s hotter? You wanna get in with the hotter girl, so you kind of befriend the not-so-pretty girl?” Deena would consider the not-so-pretty girl in this scenario to be a “stepstool.”

“It’s horrible,” she giggled. “But, I mean, it’s real life. It happens in real life.”

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