Among Britney Spears Singles, Where Does 'Hold It Against Me' Rank?

'It's going to stick, but it doesn't have that little pixie dust that makes a really magical Britney song,' one expert says.

Britney Spears got grimy on her newest single, "Hold It Against Me," a Dr. Luke/ Max Martin-produced thrashing club tune about lusting on the dance floor. It serves as the lead single from Brit's March album, and it follows in the tradition of other Brit lead singles like " ... Baby One More Time," "Oops! ... I Did It Again" and "Womanizer," which had Britney-philes (and even some Britney haters) on the dance floor.

But how does the track stack up against previous Britney singles? MTV News caught up with some Spears scholars to get their thoughts.

"I would probably [rank this] less on the 'Oops!'/'Toxic' level and more on the 'Womanizer' [level], where it's that thing where it's a really repetitive chorus that you could fit on a fortune cookie," Entertainment Weekly music critic Leah Greenblatt told MTV News. "Two weeks later, you're, like, dreaming that song and singing it in the shower and hating yourself for singing it through your commute, so I think it's kind of insidious and it's going to stick, but it doesn't have that little pixie dust that makes a really magical Britney song."

Perez Hilton seemed to feel similarly about the song, admitting that he likes the direction this track takes compared to the work she's put out on her last few records. "I think 'Hold It Against Me' is definitely better than a lot of things she's done in the past, but not quite as good as 'Toxic.' I like 'Hold It Against Me' better than 'Womanizer,' but not as much as 'Circus.'

"I don't think is revolutionary," he continued. "It's not groundbreaking, but it's a fun track. It's a great setup single to remind everybody 'Britney's back.' This is Britney's 'pay attention to me' track."

MTV News' very own Jim Cantiello said the song certainly isn't " ... Baby One More Time," but it's also not "3," and that's good with him. "Do I think it's better than 'Womanizer' and '3'? Hell yes! ... To me, it sounds very much like Britney," he explained. "Her voice is back, but it still has that dirty, filthy dance sound that I loved on Blackout."

But what do you think of "Hold It Against Me"? Let us know in the comments below!