Lily Collins Talks Taylor Lautner's 'Abduction' Abs, 'Twilight' Fans

'It's about his acting skills in this one,' she says, downplaying the actor's shirtlessness in the thriller.

When it comes to his upcoming thriller, "Abduction," Taylor Lautner has spoken enthusiastically about the intense training he endured — including boxing and motorcycle riding — and his excitement for what he terms the film's "amazing" story.

All good stuff, no doubt, but what many of you really want to know about his first major role outside the "Twilight" franchise is one thing: Just how much shirt-free, ab-proud time is the 18-year-old going to have onscreen?

Hate to dash dreams, but — despite those tantalizing set pics that popped up on the Web last summer — the answer is: not much at all.

"It's not about that!" co-star Lily Collins laughed in a recent interview. "It's about his acting skills in this one. I feel everyone is going to be surprised to see how much he's grown. This movie is not about that aspect of him. It's very, very, very minimal. He brings so much more than that. I feel people are going to be blown away."

Collins — who MTV News tapped as one of our 11 for '11 and who, like Lautner, is about take on a wildly popular book franchise as the star of the "Mortal Instruments" series — told us she learned a ton from watching how the "Twilight" star interacted with his fans during the "Abduction" shoot.

"I would watch the way he deals with his fans. It's incredible," she told us. "We'd be shooting at nights where we finish at 7 in the morning, and one night, we had 600 fans in the middle of nowhere in Pittsburgh waiting outside, and it was probably almost 5 in the morning, and he went out and signed every single autograph. He was always there to be with his fans and to make sure they knew he appreciated them.

"I watched that and I took note that it's always important to give back and to make sure the people that support you know that you support them," Collins added. "He's so humble in dealing with everyone that looks up to him."

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