Britney Spears Fans Embrace 'Hold It Against Me'

'The beat is sick!' one fan commented.

We're sure there are people in the world who don't like the new Britney Spears song, "Hold It Against Me," but judging by the comments on several articles MTV News posted about the track on Monday, most fans are enthralled with Spears' latest opus about love on the dance floor.

"Britney, you are amazing as always. I'm glad that you are back," commenter Juliana Alves shared. "Loved the new song."

"She is definitely back! Her single is hot!" Ry commented. "The beat is sick! U rock, Brit!"

Rus7 pointed out that at first he didn't love "Hold It Against Me," but then it grew on him. "The first seconds I listened to the song, I was kinda disappointed 'cause it was the same as the demo, but then the second and the third chorus, including the break, just made me change my idea. I love the final beats!" he wrote. "This song is just to be in the club. ... Haha, definitely 5 stars!"

Weighing in on the epic Gaga vs. Britney battle of 2011, Adham noted that this song definitely is a tune to give Gaga a run for her money. "Omgg you guys are right, even though I still don't think it's good enough to beat Gaga, but wowwwwwwww!!! It's definitely competition :P I LOVE IT!!"

LOX added, "Queen Britney! It's just the beat, her sexy and catchy voice. ... No one is like Britney. Maybe Gaga is more talented, but I'm sorry like every country ... music only has one queen: BRITNEY!! You're back, and it's Britney B*tch!!"

Ccrazy4brit became automatically obsessed with the club number. "OMG BRIT IS BACK!!!" Ccrazy4brit commented. "I thought it was amazing, can't stop listening to it. My boyfriend got mad and walked out of our bedroom 'cause of me over-playing it!!!"

Nearperfection kept it simple, just saying, "I LOVE IT!!!! WELCOME BACK, BRITNEY!!!"

What do you think of Britney's single? Keep talking about it in the comments below!