Britney Spears Thanks Fans For 'Hold It Against Me' Support

'Seriously, I have the best fans ever,' Spears tweets.

Fans are certainly excited that Britney Spears decided to release her new single, "Hold It Against Me," early. On Monday, Spears surprised her fans by releasing the tune to radio before the song officially hit iTunes. And Spears wants her fans to know how thankful she is for their support.

"Seriously, I have the best fans ever. I love you all so much!!" she wrote on Twitter. "Everything I do is for you! xoxo Brit."

The singer, who is set to release her new album in March, explained why she decided to release the song hours earlier than expected. "Don't #HOLDITAGAINSTME for coming out early. I couldn't wait any longer. Hope you don't mind....." she teased. "Anybody staying up late to get #HoldItAgainstMe on iTunes? I know I'll be awake..." The singer also reacted to fans' positive reviews of the track.

Spears' manager, Adam Leber, also took to Twitter on Monday to share some news about the video for the dance track. "Going to bed people. Have to wake up early and get back to work on the HIAM video. News on that coming soon ..." he revealed. "And HIAM is a trending topic worldwide!! Britney's Fans = Unstoppable"

It seemed that Team Britney was out in full force as the song quickly made its way around the world, with one-half of the tunes's production team, Dr. Luke, also reacting to its release. "So u like the new brit single 'hold it against me' ???" he wrote. "holy f--- !!!! hold it against me is a trending topic... #HIAM."