Are Britney, Kanye And Jay-Z Taking Advantage Of 1/11/11?

The date is all about sharing, truth and bravery, according to astrology and numerology experts.

Tuesday (January 11) doesn't just mark the release of singles from both Britney Spears and Kanye West and Jay-Z, it's also the second of three interesting days in the 2011 calendar year: January 1 (1/1/11), January 11 (1/11/11) and November 11 (11/11/11). The repetition of all those ones and 11s can have even the least superstitious among us wondering, is there anything special about these days?

MTV News turned to two experts for answers, numerologist Julian Michael and astrologer Susan Miller. First, Michael provided the basics on numerology and its importance.

"Numerology is a science," he asserted. "The father of mathematics is the father of numbers: Pythagoras, and in 550 B.C. he said, 'Everything in the universe has a number and that number has a meaning,' so all numbers have a meaning and a significance."

Michaels explained that 11 is a "master number," one that generates an energy promoting partnership, cooperation, kindness and peace.

"We're talking about a day of really sharing yourself on a different level, of really connecting with family, friends, strangers," he said. "It's also about truth. When these energies come up as 11s, like 11:11 on the clock, when you see 11 somewhere, it's almost like an energy, a vibration, an angel, a metaphor as a guide from the universe asking you to look within."

Michael recommended that people use this day to share and acknowledge. In other words, follow the examples of Britney, Yeezy and Hov, and express yourself.

"With regard to work, share your wisdoms," he said. "Share who you are, share your heart, share your love with others. Acknowledge those around you. Acknowledge those you work with, live with, those that are your co-workers, friends, family, acknowledge them. In that we empower them."

Astrologer Susan Miller also addressed the idea of cooperation and self-reflection, and added that it might be a good time to be bold or make your voice heard.

"Be brave," she advised, speaking to the astrological side of the equation, in that the moon is in Aries, which is the sign of the pioneer, the pathfinder. "You have responsibility to use your voice, your perspective, your style in whatever field you've gone into. It's the 'let you be you' feeling. Maybe with all these numbers, we're being reminded that it's a good thing to do."

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So do you think there's any significance to the date 1/11/11? Whether or not you believe it's a time to "share your heart," you should definitely share your thoughts in the comments below!